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Unit 5 – Creating Webpages

  • Individual Assignment
    • Instructions
    • Example – HOME
    • Example – Activities
    • Picture-Slides
    • Picture-Skiing
    • Picture-Background
    • Index text: February 3 to 20, 2012, Celebrate the joys of winter at Winterlude, with three fun-filled weekends in February. Canadas favourite winter activities…
    • Activities text: Winterlude (Bal de neige in French) is an annual festival in Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec that celebrates winter. Winterlude is run by Canada’s National Capital Commission and was started in 1979.
      The event is one of Ottawa’s most important tourist draws, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. In 2007, it set a new attendance record of an estimated 1.6 million visits to one of the four Winterlude sites.Here are just two examples of the many fun activities at Winterlude:
  • Group Assignment Rubric
  • Assignment
    • Create a webpage that tells me something about YOU
      • Hobbies, Sports, Family, etc
    • You must use the following tags somewhere in your page:
      • IMG (at least two pictures), TABLE, A HREF
    • You must style your page using the following elements (all styling must be done with CSS):
      • At least 3 colours other than black
      • Change text-alignment (left, center, right)
      • Change table border
      • Show at least two different fonts
        • (think heading vs. body text)

Unit 4 – Editing Photos

Unit 3 – Making Spreadsheets

Unit 2 – Working with Documents


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