Classes for Mr. Murray

Hello! Please find resources for Mr. Murray’s classes below:


ICS2O – Computer Studies

Example QTI and Subroutine program
Test 1 – Review


TEJ3M – Computer Engineering

KiCAD Settings
– When creating your PCB, BEFORE YOU START:

  • Highlight all parts and choose FLIP (to move to back)
  • Choose MM as your unit on the left hand side
  • Design Rules Menu –> Design Rules
    • Default Clearance: 1mm
    • Default Track Width: 1mm
    • edit the pad and set the pad size to 3mm circular
    • When a square pad, choose 3mm on each dimension
    • LEDs have pads too close together, use 2mm for each dimension instead of 3mm
    • Drill size Circular 1mm
  • Overall size must be smaller than 90mm X 65mm

Example state-machine traffic light
Test1 – Review

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