ICS2O – Introduction to Computer Studies!

Welcome to Computer Studies! We will be covering the following topics:

Day1: Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Programming
    • Studying for the Test:
    • Assignment
      • Write a program that provides a menu
      • The number of functions your menu provides will determine your mark
      • The four menu options are:
        • “Recap” – User enters an integer, program outputs the double, half, square root and square of a number
        • A) Use a for loop to output a count from number to number
          • given an integer number1 & number2
          • count by one from number1 to number2
        • B) Math of a Circle
          • Math about a circle: given radius -> output the circumference & area
        • C ) Math of a triangle:
          • Given 3 side lengths
            • Indicate if this is a right angle triangle
            • Indicate if this is a scalene / isoceles / equilateral triangle
            • Output the area of the triangle
      • Scoring
        • Level 1 – Implement “Recap”
        • Level 2 – Implement “Recap” & one of A, B, or C
        • Level 3 – Implement “Recap” & two of A, B, or C
        • Level 4 – Implement “Recap” & three of A, B, or C
        • + or –  defined by proper tabbing, comments, and efficiency
    • DOWNLOAD Dev-C++
    • Learning C
    • Previous Challenge
      • Assignment of the day – Create a quiz!
      • Make an application that asks 10 questions.
      • These questions should ask a variety of questions
    • All answers should be either integers, floats, or characters (no strings!)
    • You should tally up a score AND specify a grade
      • “Good work! You scored 7/10, that’s a C!”
      • “Hmmm… you need to work a bit on that… You scored 4/10, that’s an F!”
  1. Examples
  1. Hardware Interfacing & Robotics
  1. Computer Hardware & Software Overview

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