Planning for the semester

No one wants to start thinking about grades the first week of class, and, yet, that is exactly the best time to give it some real thought. Setting goals that are realist for you is challenging and noble. It gives you direction and something to aim for. However, setting unrealistic goals is more that a waste of time. It is detrimental to success. If goals are set too high, and they can be, it can be stressful, frustrating and non­motivational when, despite your best efforts, you don’t even come close to reaching your goals.

Focus your goals on your behavior and choices rather than your grades. Here are some worthy goals for the first week of school.

  1. I will attend school regularly and be on time. If that doesn’t happen you are in for a less than successful experience.
  2. Sit where you can see, hear, and are not distracted. You will make a wise choice to sit away from your friend if you can’t refrain from talking etc during class. You can socialize later.
  3. When you don’t understand something, ask your teacher. Ask respectfully. That means, just in case you were wondering, to raise your hand in class and not blurt out. Or it could mean making an appointment to come by before/after school or at lunch when the teacher can really focus on you.
  4. Be determined to get extra help when you need it.
  5. Write down your assignments everyday.
  6. Over prepare for all tests and quizzes.
  7. Complete all homework assignments.

If you make these goals and keep them, you will almost certainly be off to a good start.

Now write down your own goals. Make a promise to yourself.

Print it out, sign it, and put it where you will see it. Keep it about your behavior, not the grade you want to make.

Don’t write, “I will make all As”. Instead write your plan, the steps you will take to do your best. The rest will fall in place.

I hope you have a great first day back and first week. Take it one day at a time. You can do it!


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