Welcome to TEJ4M!

This year we will be focusing on PCB design, digital signaling, prototyping, 3D CAD modeling and project planning.

  1. Stations Rotation
  2. Individual Project
      1. Use Pin 3 for IR LED
      2. Be sure to use the IRLIB2 library
      3. Test using NEC protocol
    1. Be sure to set your design rules according to the document
  3. Digital Signalling Note
    1. Master Template
    2. Slave Template
    3. Got the basic clock working? Try this!
      1. Use bit shifting to store / send each bit
      2. Read info via serial monitor and send it, to display it on serial monitor on receiver.
  4. Group Projects
  5. Mini-Summatives
    1. Solidworks Setup! See Diagram examples here
    2. Mini Summative Instructions
    3. Solidworks Diagrams
    4. Zip Package including KiCAD template

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